RTC: Andre Johnson tops WR list

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Houston Texans

Andre Johnson ranks as the best receiver in the NFL in the eyes of Greg Cosell of NFL Films.

In this Q&A with Barry Byers of Herald Online, Johnathan Joseph spells out some of the differences between Houston and Cincinnati. (Hat tip to Stephanie Stradley through Nate Dunlevy.)

Previewing the Texans' quarterbacks with Nick Scurfield of the team’s website.

Indianapolis Colts

New offensive coordinator Bruce Arians is big on accountability, and meetings will start with a review of busted assignments, says Mike Chappell of the Indianapolis Star. "It's not my offense, it's theirs," Arians said.

Assessing the Colts' cap situation with Brian McIntyre of NFL.com.

Mark Sessler of NFL.com makes the case for Andrew Luck in a debate about Luck and Robert Griffin III. (Hat tip to Mark Alesia of the Star, who does great roundups.)

Jacksonville Jaguars

Deadline day has arrived for the Jaguars and kicker Josh Scobee, says Tania Ganguli of the Florida Times-Union.

Jeris Pendleton is fighting to show that “too late” and “too old” are labels he can shatter. Ganguli looks at the Jaguars' 28-year old rookie defensive tackle.

Defensive end Odrick Ray was arrested in Tulsa, Okla., on traffic a warrant, says Ganguli.

The Jaguars are thinking they could lift the tarps at EverBank Field for a game or two this season, writes Gene Frenette of the T-U. They will not lower their blackout number, says Ganguli.

Tennessee Titans

The quarterback decision won’t be made quickly, says Jim Wyatt of The Tennessean.

The Titans aren’t changing their blackout policy, says Wyatt.

The Titans are committing to a passing offense and the new reality of the NFL, says Nate Dunlevy of Bleacher Report. The personnel says that. I'll need to see the play calling.