Balancing act: Jacksonville Jaguars

In an ideal world, an NFL team is balanced.

I think coaches and GMs would like to have a team that can rely on its offense and defense equally. (I know they love to say special teams is a third of things. Count the plays. It’s a much smaller piece.)

How balanced are the teams of the AFC South?

Next up is a look at the Jacksonville Jaguars.

I rate the Jags as 70 percent defensive. I really don’t see a hole on defense beyond end, where they don’t have a crop of pass-rushers who are certain to create pressure.

But on offense they are overly reliant on Maurice Jones-Drew, they have an very unproven quarterback in Blaine Gabbert, and while they’ve worked to fix wide receiver, we don’t yet know how much better they will be with Laurent Robinson and Justin Blackmon on the team and Jerry Sullivan coaching the position.

Independent of my number, I asked Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. for his. He also said 70 percent defense.

What do you say?