Kenny Britt's timetable unknown to us

The inclination on the fan front is to learn of another knee surgery for Titans WR Kenny Britt and fear the worst.

But after operations to reconstruct his right knee and another to clean it up, Jim Wyatt’s report from The Tennessean that Britt had a scope of his left knee to address swelling in late June may not be cause for alarm.

Yes, it means he’s been in rehab mode more than condition-for-camp mode more than he or the team would like. Still, a late June scope doesn't ensure late July doom.

Right now we can’t know how he’ll be once the team hits the field on July 27 or what his timetable is.

And, in the big picture, it doesn’t matter whether he practices that day or not.

The target date isn’t the start of camp or the start of the preseason on Aug. 11. It’s the Titans’ season opener Sept. 9 against New England.

Things haven’t been smooth from Britt since he tore up that right knee on Sept. 25 against Denver. Which makes it hard to envision a smooth process from here forward. My expectation is the team will use extreme caution.

Britt's health -- not just the knee, but leg problems in his recent past -- were at least a small part of why the team looked to Kendall Wright with the 20th overall pick.

We won’t see the Titans at absolute full strength until a full-strength Britt is with them. Even without the subsequent surgeries on each knee, it’s hard to know when that return to form happens for a receiver a year after a torn ACL.

Fact is, we may not see a fully “recovered,” back-to-himself Britt until 2013. It's probably time to accept that and get to a place where the surprise is if he's ready to contribute early, not if he isn't.

Fact is, with an 85 percent Britt involved some, the Titans should still be dangerous enough in the passing game that it’s still not a primary area of concern in 2012.