Feedback: Checking in on blog operations

At the AFC South blog, you have great influence.

I hope you find me accessible through Twitter, in comments on specific posts and via the mailbag.

As the first practices of training camp approach, I wanted to offer this post as a specific chance to talk about the contents of the blog as the action ramps up.

You can expect more video and more audio for sure. I recently did this podcast with Kevin Seifert and will seek more opportunities to have conversations like that with colleagues and people I cover.

I’ve still not found a way to attend every game played by every team in the division, though ESPN is working on the technology that may get us there in 2013. For the time being, however, I won’t pretend to have a handle on every nuance of games I am not at. Some writers are equipped to monitor multiple games at once. I feel I am better able to serve you by locking in as much as possible on the game unfolding in front of me.

Aside from where I may be on a particular weekend, I seek your feedback here about the content of this page.

Here’s a sketch of posts we know are coming in a typical week. Ideally they are surrounded with posts reporting from conversations and observations from around the division, commentary on issues that pop up and reflection on news and trends that are unfolding and detailed by colleagues.

  • I hope the “Reading the coverage” post I do most mornings serves as a divisional sports page for you. Do you see it that way? How important is it that it be posted early? If I can’t get to it until closer to lunch is it still something you want to see or do you feel it’s sort of outdated?

  • Once everyone in the division has played, I enjoy “What I think they’re thinking,” which is sometimes “What I think they’re thinking (or should be).” I think I’m married to it in a way where I wouldn’t abandon it even with universal dislike, but I can be inspired to tweak it in response to certain kinds of feedback.

  • Tuesdays I post an update of a weekly chart, “Where they stand in key categories.” It's a handy updated reference on where the Colts, Jaguars, Texans and Titans stand not just in rushing offense and defense, passing offense and defense and overall offense and defense, but where they rank in categories I think are often even more important: third-down offense and defense and scoring offense and defense.

  • Tuesdays are also ESPN NFL Power Rankings day. I’ve somehow retained my ballot, so I will walk you through where our four teams rank, whether they are rising and falling and share my entire vote for all 32 teams.

  • Wednesdays all the bloggers put together a "Stock Watch," noting three risers and three fallers in the division tied to the most recent games. Sometimes I’ll solicit nominations in a short Monday post, but I am always open to your suggestions for this as I like to go beyond the obvious as often as possible. And it doesn’t always have to be players or coaches. Point out a trend or a topic. I’ll pounce on a good one.

  • Our regular chat is held Thursdays at noon ET, 11 a.m. CT. We’ve got a nice crowd of regulars, visitors who pop in and plenty of posers who offer some pretty funny stuff while playing the part of a quarterback, linebacker, coach or celebrity. The transcript for the chat is typically the first post you’ll find on a Friday morning.

  • Friday afternoon’s we offer one of the blog network's eight “Final Word” posts that hits on some subjects we haven’t yet touched as we preview the slate of upcoming games. I often load these up with the best nuggets funneled to me by ESPN Stats & Information.

  • When I have a bit of free time during the week, I try to jump into the mailbag and reply to the most compelling questions I find there. Sometimes one prompts a post of its own. I stack up the rest for a Saturday "Mailbag" that often spurs some good conversation.

  • I try to tie in to video preview stuff from ESPN on Saturdays during the regular season. Do you like those there?

  • What do you want on game day? If my game isn’t a “Cover it Live” event where I am chatting, I generally tweet some in-game observations, react to big developments (an injury, a substitution) and at halftime. You get a “Rapid Reaction” from the game I am at right as it finishes. When I return from the locker rooms, I do my best to investigate what unfolded with the other teams and write a “Wrap-Up” on those games as well. A larger piece from the game I’m at surfaces later.

What do you like? What don’t you like? What do you want me to try?

It’s the best time to chime in and I look forward to interacting with you here and making some adjustments.