Titans simply can't count on Britt

Nashville radio show "The Wake Up Zone" was first to report this morning that Tennessee Titans receiver Kenny Britt was arrested at the gate to Fort Campbell, Ky., for allegedly driving under the influence. (Full disclosure: I work for the station.)

Asked for comment, the Titans told me: "We are aware of the situation and are in the process of gathering more facts."

Count me among those who thought Britt, 23, had turned a corner and matured to a point where he was going to stop getting into trouble with bone-headed moves.

Wrong, apparently.

Britt was lost after three games last season when he blew out his right knee. He had a second surgery during offseason rehab to clean it up and underwent a scope of his left knee at the end of June.

I wrote that it will be hard to count on Britt being 100 percent this season based on all that and how long it takes most receivers to get all the way back from a knee reconstruction.

Now, because he is involved in another incident requiring police attention, he could face a suspension under the NFL's personal-conduct policy.

Rookie first-rounder Kendall Wright becomes more and more important to the Titans, who simply don’t know what sort of availability they will have from Britt.

As a third receiver, Wright might have gotten favorable matchups. As a second to Nate Washington, that won't be the case nearly as much. Damian Williams will be in line to be the third wideout if and when Britt is missing.

We need to wait for details of what happened. But what we already know creates a whole new round of concerns.