Your input for 'Further review,' please

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky

The Sunday efforts of the Colts and the Titans are stashed away on my DVR in HD. I’ll soon have a copy of the Jaguars' win in Houston as well.

What I don’t have is as clear a sense as I can of what play from those games I should concentrate on when it’s time to look back.

So here’s the weekly request: Point me, in detail please, to the one play of the game that did get big attention but had unseen consequences – setting the table, setting the tone, setting the course.

After sifting through your help – here in comments or in my mailbag – I’ll do what I am able on Tuesday to look in great detail at why something worked or why it didn’t and how key players performed in that situation in a couple “Further review” entries.

I appreciate the help in advance.