Jaguars-Bills will be on TV in Jacksonville

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
The Jaguars-Bills game will be on television in Jacksonville on Sunday.

From a release the team just sent out:

While there are tickets remaining for the Jaguars' home opener this Sunday against the Buffalo Bills, including tickets returned from the Bills, enough tickets have been sold in order for the league to lift the blackout for Sunday's game. The game will be televised regionally on WTEV CBS47.

I spoke on Wednesday to Tim Connolly, the team's senior vice president of business development, and he said they were 1,100 away from a sellout. He felt they were on pace to sell out, planned to tell the league so today without even requesting an extension and expected no blackout.

I was a bit skeptical as I'd never heard of such assurances being enough to ensure no blackout, and told Connolly I'd hold off on writing while I waiting on a return call from a league official. (Still waiting).

So apologies for my doubts, Mr. Connolly. Good work. See you in the press box at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium Sunday. (I had initially written "Auditorium" instead of "Stadium," as a reader points out below. Apologies. Must have had Kings of Leon tickets for Nashville Municipal Auditorium on my mind.)