Line issues again for Texans in a year?

Contract status shouldn’t play much of a role in lineup decisions.

But this post by John McClain of the Houston Chronicle led me to wonder if it should be as the Texans sort out the right side of their offensive line.

Duane Brown’s become a rock at left tackle, and re-signing him for beyond 2012 is a priority.

The two guys now in line to take over on the right side, tackle Rashad Butler and guard Antoine Caldwell, are also in the last year of their deals. It’s easy to presume that if they win their jobs now the Texans will be able to keep them later.

But the team probably anticipated the same about right guard Mike Brisiel heading into this offseason, and he got a big contract from Oakland and left.

So if Brandon Brooks is close in a competition with Caldwell or Derek Newton is close in a competition with Butler, would the Texans at all consider the potential for a longer-term solution in their equation? Should they?

It’d be awfully rough to be replacing the right side of the line yet again in 2013.

Presuming none of the four practice poorly through camp, it’s the preseason games that are going to determine what the 2012 Texans do.

“It’ll be interesting,” Gary Kubiak said. “It’ll sort itself out in the games, probably not in practice.”

Ultimately, when you have the chance to win like the Texans do, you’re obligated to worry only about the season ahead. Then you should worry about later, later.

Put the best guard and the best tackle on the right side of the line. Deal with locking guys up when you can, if you can. And if you have to replace people, you replace them.