Tidbits from Luck's Tuesday media chat

ANDERSON, Ind. -- Andrew Luck is understandably in high demand.

He met the media for the last time before the Colts open the preseason Sunday, when offensive coordinator Bruce Arians said the quarterback will play 20 or 25 snaps.

Here are some key snippets from Luck...

On nerves heading into the game: "I'll be nervous, I think I'll have some butterflies. That's been my way, that's happened in high school, college, so I assume it'll be the same at this stage. It's sort of become part of playing. ...You get out there and you get nerves and it all calms down. But to me, in my psyche, it's a little bit healthy to be nervous before a game. You just sort of focus on what you need to control. Not to say I'm all nervous and freaking out, bugging out. You just have a little butterflies, that feeling in your stomach is what I am talking about."

Takeaways from Monday's practice when the defense had the better of things: "I think we did decent on third down, it's always good to be positive on third down. But we made too many mistakes on base downs, I threw an interception which you can never do."

On whether adjusting to the NFL and his new job has been hard: "Some parts yes, I guess and some parts no. Playing on a team sport, you've got a support staff around you, be it teammates, coaches, football ops, PR guys,. There are so many people around to help you out, veterans especially. The transition or experience is much easier when with other people and rookies going through the same thing."

On his confort level at this point: "I think good. I'm not where I'd want to be to start and NFL game, but I think it's been a steady sort of uphill grind, going in the right direction."