Fred Taylor's insight into Kevin Elliott

Former runing back Fred Taylor is with the Jacksonville Jaguars this week as he sorts out how deep a desire he has about getting into coaching.

In a talk with Jacksonville media, he was asked about undrafted free agent receiver Kevin Elliott, who was a standout while I visited the team last week.

Per one of the questioners, Elliott dated Taylor’s sister for a year before she even brought up her brother.

Said Taylor:

“Yeah. We don’t take that lightly in our family. You’ve got to earn your keep. He’s a good kid. He’s been pretty solid, a pretty humble kid. No signs of disrespect. I kind of stay away from their relationship and kind of view it from a distance because that’s their relationship. I was once their age and I understand that your college sweetheart isn’t going to always be your soul mate or whatever. He’s a good kid.

“I know Kevin pretty well. He’s a big kid, strong, really physical, getting better in his development as a receiver, strong hands, catching the ball, real soft, he’s a big kid and can establish position pretty well. His deal is special teams. He was a special teams guru back in school, so he has to show up on the special teams tape and that will afford him time to make the team as a receiver. He’s been pretty solid so far I think.

“…When did I find out? My wife used to tease her some. Her and my wife spoke about him, about it way before I even came in the picture. One day he popped up at our house and I looked across the room and I was like ‘Who is this?’ but he was like ‘Yes sir’ and I’m like ‘Hold on we got to stop right here. Just call me Fred. Don’t make me feel that old.’ But he’s real mellow. He’s that type of guy.”

Is he OK with the five-year relationship?

“I’ve got nothing to do with it,” Taylor said. “It’s up to her. It’s out of my hands. I’m not Dr. Phil the love doctor. Whatever they have going is their thing.”