Ricky Williams empathizes with Vince Young

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham
DAVIE, Fla. -- While many pundits are yelling at troubled Tennessee Titans QB Vince Young to man up, there's another deep thinker from the University of Texas who advocates otherwise.

Miami Dolphins RB Ricky Williams, who starred for the Longhorns years before Young, is no stranger to introspection. Williams hopes Young remains a sensitive being, even though it has opened Young to national criticism over the past week.

"I think being thick-skinned is dangerous," Williams told Palm Beach Post columnist Greg Stoda on Thursday afternoon. "The ability to feel something keeps us safe."

Williams frequently has discussed the difficulty in rationalizing his passion for football with his contempt for being a football player. He loves to play, but he loathes the idolatry.

He wouldn't comment directly on Young's situation because he said he hadn't spoken to him this week. Speculation abounds that Young is battling depression.

"If you're not depressed after losing a football game, you're not healthy," Williams said.