Our division in Scouts Inc.'s Top 200

The AFC South is a relatively young division with several young stars.

Matt Williamson from Scouts Inc. ranked his top 200 NFL players.

Only three players from our division make the top 50.

18 – Andre Johnson, receiver, Houston

“Johnson's combination of size, speed, athleticism and hard work makes him one of the most dynamic players in the game. He did miss nine games in 2011 with hamstring issues but has been pretty durable for most of his career.”

30 – Arian Foster, running back, Houston

“Foster has rushed for more than 1,000 yards in each of the past two seasons and gives the Texans a quality feature back who can carry the load and force defenses to focus on stopping him first and the pass second.”

35 – Maurice Jones-Drew, running back, Jacksonville

“Jones-Drew is a short, powerfully built ball carrier who has shown the ability to be the Jaguars' workhorse back and a consistent 1000-yard producer. He has darting type quickness and can dance in and out of holes and then bounce it to the outside when needed.”

Six more are in the top 100, with the first Titan at No. 60 (Chris Johnson) and the first Colt at No. 97 (Dwight Freeney).

There are another 10 players from the division ranked between 100 and 200.

Grand totals: 19 AFC South players (we’d expect the division to account for an eighth of the list, or 25 players).

The breakdown:

  • Texans: 8 (average spot, 77th)

  • Jaguars: 4 (116th)

  • Colts: 4 (127th)

  • Titans: 4 (116th)