Please don't buy this Colts-Redskins shirt

It's Andrew Luck vs. Robert Griffin III -- in a preseason matchup. Courtesy of Washington Redskins

If you like the preseason at all, you like it more than me. I hate meaningless games and a very high percentage of the meaningless game evaluation talk. Like many in roles like mine, I hate that I wind up fueling some of it. But I try to minimize it all.

Maybe you are a season-ticket holder and you have no choice but to buy a pair of tickets for preseason games. Maybe you can’t get regular-season tickets so you go to a preseason game. Maybe you love watching guys who will play in Canada or indoors live out their fourth-quarter preseason dream. Maybe your DVR is empty or you hate flipping channels.

I can understand any of that, I suppose.

Here’s what I wouldn’t be able to understand: You shelling out $35 in order to wear a T-shirt hyping a preseason game pitting No. 1 draft pick Andrew Luck against No. 2 overall draft pick Robert Griffin III on Saturday night.

If you see that shirt and say, "Hey, I’d like to walk around in one of those,” I beg you to reconsider.

That money can get you a lot of other good things. Or, if you want me to help you spend it, head here.