Over under on CBs Colts will still add: 3.5

Josh Gordy is not likely to be the last cornerback the Colts add. Justin King and Cassius Vaughn are currently the second and third corners on the roster, and they are hardly locks to hold on to those spots.

Gordy comes via a trade from St. Louis, where King also played last year.

Indianapolis reporters asked coach Chuck Pagano about Gordy today:

“As fast as he can pick things up, we’re going to throw him in there. He’s been playing, so we don’t have to sit him out. He doesn’t have to go through any acclimation period, which is good. System wise coming from where he came from he will know some of the terminology, some of the calls, especially on third down, some of the pressures that we run, it’s similar things to him. Josh is a bright guy. We’ll get him in here. We’ll get him up to speed as fast as possible, get him out there, take a good look at him, be smart about what we ask of him from a call standpoint. Certainly we can make it easy on him knowing when he’s out there so he can go out there and play and play fast.”

Pagano said the addition doesn’t indicate the team is unhappy with what it’s got. They can be happy with what they have, but think they are playing a fourth corner as their second corner.

My over under on other corners they will bring in for a look for at least the nickel job before opening day is still 3.5.

Said Pagano: “We had a spot and an opportunity was there. So we’re, daily, going to look at waiver wires, trades, anything we can do to upgrade the roster.”