Clayton's view of AFC South quarterbacks

John Clayton doesn’t fear any backlash from his annual preseason quarterback rankings.

He talks about it right at the top of this year’s list.

And he won’t get any love letters from people who root for AFC South teams.

Here are our guys and my comments:

11) Matt Schaub -- This is about right to me. I’m not sure Tony Romo is better. And I am not so sure Schaub is better than Matthew Stafford. Or Jay Cutler. Or Cam Newton.

24) Andrew Luck -- If these were weekly ratings, Luck’s up arrow would result in major week-to-week movement. He can zip past Mark Sanchez, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Carson Palmer in short order, I believe.

29) Jake Locker -- Russell Wilson ahead of him? Only because he’s sharing his slot with Matt Flynn, I hope. I’m not sure about Christian Ponder, either.

32) Blaine Gabbert -- His preseason hasn’t done much to clean up the damage he did in his rookie season for Clayton, it appears. It’s enough for me to start him off as better than Brandon Weeden and Ryan Tannehill, at least.