Stuff you should read

Stuff you should read at brunch, or lunch...

Rival executives analyze the rift between the Jaguars and Maurice Jones-Drew for Albert Breer of NFL.com. "Two said the team should work with the player. Two said the Jaguars should hold firm."

Colts receiver Austin Collie plans to play beyond his concussion issue, in part because he's a lot like his dad, writes Gregg Doyel of CBSSports.com. "He's going to keep playing -- so long as the Colts will have him," Scott Collie told Doyel. "I don't know what 26-year-old is going to listen to his dad. I can advise. I can't tell him to stop."

Jason Sablich of the New York Times Fifth Down Blog assesses running backs in fantasy football and rates Arian Foster as No. 1. "He is the complete package, plays for a run-first team and is just 25 years old."