The play-time plans for Game 4

What the coaches of the AFC South are thinking regarding playing time for their starters in Thursday night's preseason finales:

Houston Texans

Gary Kubiak: “There may be a couple [starters] that play. Maybe a few, but for the most part, no.”

Indianapolis Colts

Chuck Pagano: “We haven’t made a decision yet on that, whether it’s going to be a series or two. So, we’re still looking at that and looking at the health of our football team to try and make that decision.”

Jacksonville Jaguars

Mike Mularkey: "It really depends on the drives on either side. If it’s a long drive either phase I will consider taking them out. If it’s a 10-, 12-play drive I may consider taking them out. If it’s not and we have a three-, four-, five-play drive you’ll probably see them again. We need to establish a good drive offensively and we need to hopefully be on and off the field a couple of times defensively.”

Tennessee Titans

Mike Munchak: "I think we’ll play the offensive guys more than the defense, I would think. We have some guys that are injured on the other side anyway that we’re going to end up resting more so because of that. We would like to let those guys on offense play a little longer probably than the defensive side just to get some things going. Again, it has nothing to do with who we’re playing or how long they play their guys, it’s about us. It’s about us being ready and not all that. We just need to go out in a competitive game like this, to play better on offense and put some drives together. Yeah, we’d intend they play a little longer than the defense. Hopefully we’ll have success early to where that will be somewhere in the second quarter we’ll start pulling guys out."