Waiver wire spot means Colts may be busy

The Indianapolis Colts added receiver Kashif Moore from the Cincinnati Bengals off waivers Tuesday. He could be gone Friday night.

A turnstile is about to start spinning in Indianapolis.

Rosters around the league get cut to 53 by Friday night. The vast majority of the cut players won’t have accrued four seasons of NFL work, so they will be subject to the waivers system.

Waiver claim order is based on last year’s finish, and the Colts finished dead last. So Indy has first dibs on youthful talent.

It’s a secondary draft, almost, for a team with a lot of holes. We could see attempts to upgrade at depth at virtually any position. Moves on the offensive line, at cornerback or at inside linebacker could have a bearing higher on the depth chart.

“We’re sitting in the catbird seat,” coach Chuck Pagano said. “So everybody that hits the waiver wire now, we’ve been through the first round, and there were a bunch of names there and obviously there’s going to be a ton more guys that hit the streets.

“You know we’re not afraid to pull the trigger and make moves, as long as they’re in the best interest of this team. So I think we’re in a great spot as far as that goes. We certainly don’t want to be there next year at this time, but it is what it is. We feel good about having the opportunity to have first choice at whoever hits the street.”

UPDATE: A clarification based on all the questions I am getting. The Colts don't reset to 32nd after they get a guy or anything like that. If they want a cut player who's not been in the league for four years or more, they put in for him with a corresponding roster move and he's theirs. The order doesn't reset until a few weeks into season, when it starts to reflect 2012 standings instead of 2011's.