Our Titans' pick: Second place

Four of ESPN.com's five panelists picked the Tennessee Titans to finish second in the AFC South.

"Step 1 is figuring out whether Jake Locker can succeed at quarterback. Step 2 is getting RB Chris Johnson back to Pro Bowl form," says Jeffri Chadiha.

They're turning the page, I write in our Intelligence Report: "Jake Locker was the eighth overall pick in the 2011 draft, but he didn't start a game his rookie season. After a year of Matt Hasselbeck, the Titans have deemed Locker ready and are turning the keys to the offense over to him. Chris Palmer will be far more creative in his second year as offensive coordinator -- his first with a full offseason to install his offense. Look for run-and-shoot concepts put into play with more conventional personnel. Locker's running ability and speed give the Titans additional options on boots and rollouts and make him tougher to defend. "

Somewhat surprising from Gary Horton of Scouts Inc.: He thinks the offensive line is the team's best unit and the defensive line is the worst.

For the full fill, please head here. (Be sure to read Horton's fine print section on the right, right after you watch the preview video above it.)