Our league prediction page; I like Falcons

Sixteen of 16 predictors at ESPN.com say the Houston Texans will win the AFC South. Four of them see the Texans winning the AFC.

Only AFC North blogger Jamison Hensley sees a wild card coming from the division. He has the Titans joining the Texans in the playoffs.

Maybe the overwhelming Texans support will make for good motivational T-shirts in Tennessee, Jacksonville or Indianapolis.

If you read me regularly, you know how I feel about predictions: I make as few as possible, because I find myself rooting for them to come true and I feel like it can get in the way of my work. But preseason calls for this are hardly an unreasonable request from my bosses.

I love the Packers, but I knew they'd be wildly popular and know how easily a favorite can be derailed. So I looked for an alternative, and landed on the Falcons beating the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

In other categories, Andrew Luck got 12 votes for offensive rookie of the year, including mine. Jeff Chadiha and James Walker see Gary Kubiak as coach of the year.

Check out the whole prediction chart here.