Who are division's smartest spenders?

How do AFC South teams do when measuring costs versus wins?

Businessweek has run the numbers for all 122 NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL franchises to tally the smartest spenders in sports. (Hat tip to Pat Yasinskas at the NFC South blog.) It measures cost per win over the past five years against the league average.

You can adjust the ratings by increasing or decreasing the importance of three extra factors that

are in the mix –wins above .500, playoff win value and championship value.

Here’s how our teams stack up:

  • Colts – 28th overall, seventh in the NFL

  • Titans – 51st overall, 12th in the NFL

  • Jaguars – 64th overall, 17th in the NFL

  • Texans – 66th overall, 19th in the NFL