Four ESPN experts like Texans in AFC

Four of the seven guys who you’ll see on ESPN talking NFL the most think the Houston Texans are going to the Super Bowl.

One of them, Chris Mortensen, believes the Texans will win it.

Says Mort:

“In my mind, Houston would have made it to the Super Bowl last year had Matt Schaub been healthy, so I'm going to step out on a sturdy limb with the Texans to win it all this season. This is not a pick made with full confidence. When is it ever? Schaub, and, of course, Andre Johnson must be fully healthy down the stretch for Houston to go all the way. I really like the 49ers in the NFC. Everyone seems to forget what Alex Smith did against the Saints in the final minute in the divisional playoffs last season. He's not going to be Drew Brees, but he will be better than last season. San Francisco's great defense, superior running game and an improved passing game give it the look of a team that can make it all the way to New Orleans. I do know one thing: The 49ers will have a much harder road to the Super Bowl than any of the strong AFC teams. A consensus of people I talk with in the league believe that the NFC is by far the tougher conference.”

Not exactly a ringing endorsement, but the pick is the pick.

Herm Edwards, Mel Kiper and Adam Schefter have the Texans winning the AFC.