On Munchak as coach -- and caretaker

Mike Munchak qualifies as more than the coach of the Titans, he’s a caretaker of the franchise’s history.

So writes David Boclair of The Nashville City Paper in this giant piece.

"As the first coach who also played for the franchise, founded by Bud Adams in 1960 as an original member of the American Football League, preservation of the team’s history despite geographical and sobriquetical divides has been a high priority from the moment he was named Jeff Fisher’s replacement.

"Thus he is -- at once -- coach and curator, strategist and storyteller, motivator and mythmaker."

It’s an interesting double life, though the historical element of Munchak’s job is completely secondary to coaching, and naturally springs forth from his primary focus.

There are lots of Oilers vignettes weaved into the middle of this that some of you will take pleasure in reviewing, and good stuff about why Munchak feels it important to connect with old Oilers.