What our teams are worth

Just how good do Bob McNair, Jim Irsay, Bud Adams and Shad Khan have it?

Forbes magazine’s NFL team value list is out.

The numbers are sky-high, with 20 teams rated as worth a billion or more.

  • 5th – Texans, $1.305 billion

  • 12th – Colts, $1.154 billion

  • 19th – Titans, $1.011 billion

  • 32nd – Jaguars , $770 million

How good is it?

Writes Mike Ozanian of Forbes: “[E]ven low-revenue and badly run teams have delivered big returns for their owners. Wayne Weaver paid $208 million for the expansion Jacksonville Jaguars in 1993. The small-market Jaguars have never been to the Super Bowl and have made it to the postseason only twice since 1999. In January billionaire Shahid Khan paid $770 million for the team.”

Quite a growth industry we follow here. Let’s all get together and decide what we can invest in that will provide similar returns down the road.