Actually, MJD, I said no such thing ...

Maurice Jones-Drew is well aware of what’s written and said about him. I’m among those who believe he’s overly sensitive about much of it.

Today, in talking with some Jacksonville reporters, he was asked about all that.

He deemed me worthy of special mention.

“It’s funny, because it seems like people want me to fail, which is awesome, because it’s been like that since I was growing up,” Jones-Drew said.

Who said they wanted to see him cut, he was asked?

“That was Paul Kuharsky, that wasn’t you guys, that was somebody else. He was like, 'He’s going to do horrible this year and I hope they cut him at the end of the year.’ I was like wow, was that personal? Was that a personal attack?”

No it wasn’t. It wasn’t a personal attack. And it wasn’t even what I said.

I do expect Jones-Drew will drop off this year based on the history of running backs following long holdouts -- see Chris Johnson, Steven Jackson and Larry Johnson. I said the team and player would wind up in the same contract dispute following the 2012 season.

But I didn’t say anything about hoping he’d be cut.

In fact, cutting him would be dumb. He’s cheap. He’s due less than $5 million next season. We all acknowledge that’s the team-friendly back end of a front-loaded deal.

This is Jones-Drew doing what he always does -- creating a perceived slight with which to be upset where there really isn’t one.

So it can’t be suggested I cut off his point, here’s the rest of that section of the interview.

Question: Is there anything written about you that you don’t read?

“I read everything because, well I don’t have to read it because people tell me. You know what I mean. It’s part of the game. I expect people to be upset. They only see the money, they only see the dollar signs. They don’t see the work that goes in. They don’t see what goes in Monday through Sunday. They don’t see David Garrard get cut a week before (the season) so teams don’t have to pay him money, right? I don’t see you guys writing those articles.

“I’m not going to get on you for that, because I understand what you guys are doing.”

There is some selective reading going on there if MJD honestly thinks Garrard getting cut so late wasn’t a big story, last year in Jacksonville or this year in Miami.

Look, he and I have talked at the Super Bowl and pretty much agreed we don't see eye-to-eye. We hardly have to. Just please don't say I've written things I haven't.

Let's forge on.

I’m ready to watch MJD play football. He’s ready to read -- or hear from someone who’s read -- about him playing some football.

Let’s go.