A FB who doesn't play special teams?

Perhaps the Titans will run far more two-back sets than I expect.

Offensive coordinator Chris Palmer wants to use run-and-shoot concepts with more conventional offensive personnel. But fullback Quinn Johnson seems the least-good fit for such things. If the Titans target him with a pass, they waste an opportunity for a far more explosive player. And Chris Johnson hasn’t proven to run any better behind a fullback than he does out of two tight end formations.

Quinn Johnson’s a nice enough fellow, so it’s nothing personal at all from me that I’ve become increasingly anti-fullback -- not just for the Titans, but for everyone.

Perhaps you need one for short-yardage and goal-line carries. But I think Tennessee could more than make due with their blocking tight end Craig Stevens assuming the lead blocker role when needed.

The Titans like Quinn Johnson, though. He and Mike Munchak both indicated he will be one of the 46 who dress on Sunday for the Titans' game against the Patriots.

A fullback who dresses on a Sunday has to play special teams.

Johnson, however, said this week that he’s not on the first team on any Titans special-team unit. He's just a reserve on most of them. That dents his game-day value in a big way. Depending on how the game pans out, he could play the fewest snaps of anyone in uniform.

That won’t amount to a crime.

But I’ll have to see the list of scratches to see how I feel about an active fullback who doesn’t play special teams.