Report: Jaguars trimmed MJD's fines

It turns out, the Jacksonville did give in a bit as Maurice Jones-Drew re-emerged.

CBS’ Jason La Canfora reported Sunday that the Jaguars agreed to trim MJD’s fines for the time he missed to about $800,000. It could have been as much as $1.14 million, but what the Jaguars were fining the running back never became public.

I was a bit surprised to learn the team bent at all, though in the big picture and considering what Jones-Drew wanted, it was a relatively small adjustment.

He’s slated to make $4.45 million this season.

The team was surely wary of setting a precedent of reducing fines for missing time while under contract. But it can tell others in the future it’s a case-by-case issue and that a 30 percent reduction of potential fines for the team’s premier player hardly creates a standard.