What I think the Jaguars should be thinking

What I think the Jacksonville Jaguars should be thinking Monday afternoon following their 26-23 OT loss in Minnesota:

We can feel sorry for ourselves about letting that one get away, or we can see how close we came as some sort of proof we’ve been effectively building. Nothing is gained by going with the first plan, so we better put a lot of energy into the second. But let’s be clear – failing to hold on to a three-point lead with 18 seconds left in regulation isn’t something we can get away with more than once in a season. And losing to the Vikings means we have to beat a better team later on that we likely were not going to beat before. Blaine Gabbert was solid. We kept telling you he’d made a jump. It’s not our fault you declined to listen to us. Let's hope our banged up offensive line heals and can protect him, because that Kuharsky is right and we didn't sufficiently address depth there. We really need Daryl Smith ad Derek Cox back on defense too, to fill out the lineup.