What I think the Texans should be thinking

What I think they're thinking (or should be) in the headquarters of the Houston Texans this afternoon:

Maybe J.J. Watt should always have the preseason off. What a performance with 1.5 sacks and three batted balls, two of which turned into interceptions that helped jolt us to life. Our defense did what it should do against a rookie quarterback, confusing and abusing Miami’s Ryan Tannehill. If the defense gives us field position, we can find the end zone on the ground or in the air. Early flatness was a concern, but we don't think anyone has gotten caught up in predictions of us going to the Super Bowl. Question Andre Johnson’s age or legs all you like, in this game he was the guy we know and rely on, with two great catches on the boundary. We’re alone at 1-0 in the division, but know Jacksonville will make for a tough trip Sunday. Blaine Gabbert’s better, but we have to make him look like he did last year.