How big and how old are our teams?

The annual how-big-are-they and how-old-are-they file has arrived from the NFL, and it’s always an interesting read.

The league breaks down opening day rosters for comparative purposes, and here is how the AFC South fit in.

The Colts have more guys under 6-feet than anyone in the NFL with 15. And the Texans, who aren’t afraid of small linemen who can move, have an NFL-low eight 300-pounders.

I’m most struck by Seattle having just four guys who aren’t 200 pounds and Oakland having only four who aren’t 6 feet.

The whole division is at or under the league average in height and only the Titans are over the league average in weight.

A surprise on age: The Titans had a younger opening day roster than the Colts.

Shockingly, not only aren’t the Colts the least experienced team, on average, but they aren’t close. St. Louis (3.51), Cleveland (3.25), New England (3.51) and Seattle (3.51) were younger while Minnesota and Philadelphia were Indy’s equal.

St. Louis (18) and Cleveland (16) are the only teams that started off with more rookie and first-year players than Indianapolis.