What I think the Titans are thinking

What I think they’re thinking in the headquarters of the Tennessee Titans this afternoon ...

Read between the lines of what Mike Munchak said after a second disaster in two weeks, and it seems like we can anticipate things being streamlined and simplified. We have to find what we are good at and do it, and it’s hard to know what we are good at, or to feel confident in it, right now. Detroit’s a good team coming off a tough loss, and Jim Schwartz will want to bring his team to Nashville where he cut his NFL coaching teeth, and make a splash. We seem to be playing scared, particularly in coverage. How can we play so far off and leave so much space for San Diego’s pass targets at the same time? We’ve got faith in the staff, but its inability to fix Chris Johnson and the run game and the coverage issues with Michael Griffin playing strong safety instead of free are as puzzling to us as to a lot of the people watching us.