CJ needs caution when discussing blocking

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Chris Johnson needs to be more careful.

It wasn’t too long ago that Vince Young alienated his teammates and offensive line to the point that in 2010, when a couple Pittsburgh Steelers picked him up and body slammed him, the linemen stood around rather than rushing to his defense.

We’re not hearing the linemen talk about the struggling running back now.

But we are hearing the running back say some stuff about the blocking.

Here is what I wrote about what Johnson said after practice Thursday.

He’d be wise to say less.

He’s deserving of plenty of the blame in his struggles so far. The blocking has not been good, but great backs find ways to gain some yards anyway. And film shows he’s had some room at the moment of decision on several occasions where he failed to go to it.

The guys busting it to do better for him and not complaining about his effort can’t be happy when they see he’s saying this:

“I wouldn’t sit here and say I’m to blame. I wouldn’t think so, but I’m not the guy to sit here and be the guy that points fingers and things like that. It’s just a situation where I’m going to be only as good as my line’s going to be. So we’ve got to work together and get better together.”

Clearly he’s trying to be politically correct in a good section of that.

But what shines through is his unwillingness to take any blame, and to say he’s only as good as his line.

If he gets dumped on his head Sunday, take note if anyone rallies to his defense.