You rarely write anymore

For much of our time together here at the AFC South blog starting in 2008, mail has been a constant presence.

Saturday mailbags have generally stirred solid conversation and debate.

Your best questions often produced a post all their own.

But lately, the mailbox is thin.

So here's a plea at a prime time. If you see a play I need to look at carefully, if you have a concern you think a team's failing to address, if you have a question of a coach or player that's not getting asked and is frustrating you -- these are the kinds of things I can pick up and run with.

Twitter is one easy way to get in touch. But we can talk at more length if you send a note using the mailbag. I'll make a concerted effort to check in there more often and answer the stuff I can. Hopefully it'll lead to a resumption of the Saturday mailbags, and more.

Hope to hear from you.