Schaub excelled with play-action in Denver

A good share of Matt Schaub’s success Sunday in the Houston Texans' victory over the Denver Broncos came thanks to play-action.

According to ESPN Stats & Info, Schaub's play-action passes were significantly more productive Sunday than they had been in the Texans’ first two wins.

  • In the first two games, the average play-action pass was 4.3 yards, the Texans averaged 7.1 yards per attempt, he had no TDs and no plays of 30 yards or more.

  • In the Denver game, the average play-action pass was 13.4 yards, the Texans averaged 12.9 yards per attempt, he threw two TDs and had two plays of 30 yards or more.

Clearly Denver's defense was wary of Arian Foster and Ben Tate, and reasonably so. But it's alot easier to be burned by a big pass than a big run, so I always struggle to understand biting too easily on run fakes.

Also according to ESPN Stats & Info, the Texans were selective in bringing extra pressure against Peyton Manning and fared well with it. Manning often thrives against the blitz, but on the 16 of his 58 drop backs when he faced five or more rushers, he was just six-for-16 for 73 yards.