What I think the Texans are thinking

What I think they’re thinking in the headquarters of the Houston Texans this afternoon ...

We’re the only undefeated team in the AFC, and it seems clear we’ve got the easiest division to win in all the NFL. Through three games we’ve done all we needed to do. We can win running or throwing or with defense. We’ve stayed quite healthy so far, a year after we tested our depth in all sorts of ways. Matt Schaub took a ridiculous shot from Von Miller and Joe Mays and fortunately was not hurt. He’s said his left shoulder was X-rayed and everything checked out fine. We’re going to hear it after every win, but we need to. We can’t let the hype, which will get louder and louder, get inside our heads and convince us we are as good as everyone thinks. (Even if we know we are.) Now we get the Titans. They just exploded. We have to make sure it was a one-week thing.