What I think they Jaguars are thinking

What I think they're thinking at the headquarters of the Jaguars this afternoon...

We ran Maurice Jones-Drew a ton because we could. If people want to see that as some sort of indictment of Blaine Gabbert, so be it. If you can hand it to your running back 28 times and he can average 6.3 yards a carry, we’re not sure about the argument against doing so. Part of it was protecting ourselves with regard to protection, as left guard Mike Brewster and right tackle Guy Whimper are subs we aren’t completely confident in. We need to get our line healthy and get to a spot where we are capable and willing to do anything and everything we can. The defense was better with cornerback Derek Cox and will be better still with outside linebacker Daryl Smith. Health can’t be an excuse. But the drop off to the subs is hurting us, and the effort that produced a narrow win in Indianapolis is unlikely to be near good enough to take out Cincinnati on Sunday.