What I think the Titans are thinking

What I think they are thinking at the headquarters of the Titans this afternoon ...

Producing a historic effort in an epic win like we did on Sunday against Detroit provides the entire franchise a jolt. After those two opening losses, we needed one. The resolve and fight we showed have great value. Now Mike Munchak needs to funnel that in the right way so that it will carry over. As wonderful as it was, we didn’t drive the ball, we didn’t fix the run-game issues, we still gave up a ton of passing yards. We have a ton of work to do and things to sort out. That stuff is always far easier to do when you’re coming off a win than a loss. But Munchak may have to make sure to remind us it’s over, that the historic game is history and that we’ve got to put it in the rearview mirror. The Texans will watch the film closely, but they don’t care a bit about what we just did.