Titans preparing for boots to every direction

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Most of the time when a defense sees a quarterback rolling out or bootlegging, he’s going with his arm.

Most quarterbacks are right handed.

So the left cornerback is the player in the secondary most concerned with the potential for such a play during the preparation week.

Unless the opponent is the Houston Texans and the quarterback is Matt Schaub.

Titans left cornerback Jason McCourty said he’s hardly alone in being on alert in this game, as Schaub is an equal-opportunity roller.

“You turn the film on and Schaub is booting to the left side, he’s booting to the right side, he’s stopping mid-boot throwing it back across his body,” McCourty said. “He runs that offense to a T. He’s able to drop back there and hit the deep shots, and when they aren’t open he’s checking it down.

“Their offense has so much going on it’s one of the toughest one’s to face.”

Virtually all the rollouts and boots come off play-action and are set up by the threat of the run.

“Everything we do is kind of predicated off of each other,” running back Arian Foster said. “The passing game off the running game and vice versa. We try to set up the other side as much as we can.”

Per ESPN Stats and Info, Schaub is 25-of-35 (71.4%) for 318 yards with two touchdowns and no picks on play-action plays. He’s got a 60.5 QBR and a 118.5 passer rating.

But outside the pocket, Stats and Info doesn’t have any great numbers for Schaub yet: He’s four-for-seven for 17 yards.