Are Jags smart to move from teal to black?

Black is cool. Black is hip. The kids certainly prefer black to teal, as colors go.

Still, I’m not sold on the Jaguars move to black as their primary dark color jersey. They are putting teal on the shelf as the alternate jersey.

Is it a good idea for a team in search of an identity to move away from a primary color that people associate with the brand and the franchise’s best years?

My gut says such a restart isn’t the way to go.

Though they get to choose in advance, teams typically wear their colors at home, and white on the road. While the Jaguars have long said dark in the Florida late summer and early fall sun is not an issue, I invite you to put it to the test with me. Wear a black shirt to a September game in Jacksonville while I wear white.

Here’s what owner Shad Khan said about the switch:

“As a nod of tribute to Fred [Taylor] and all of the players who have worn the Jaguars’ teal uniform in the past, this Sunday on Jaguars Alumni Weekend we will wear teal for the last time as our primary home jersey. After this Sunday’s game, we will wear black as our primary jersey and teal will be reserved for special occasions as our alternate jersey. Teal will continue to be a part of our uniform and our logo, but on the field our identity will grow in black jerseys.”

I’m not sure why it couldn’t have grown the identity in teal.

And Fred Taylor was a great player for the team, but it’s a nod of tribute to induct him into the Pride of the Jaguars. Nearly “retiring” a jersey color in conjunction with this honor seems over the top to me.