RTC: Titans' D on the field too much

Reading the coverage ...

Houston Texans

Says John McClain of the Houston Chronicle: "Going back to the playoffs, J.J. Watt has nine sacks in five games, including 5.5 this season. The defense has been on the field less than any defense in the league, but he has been on a tear.”

To which I say: The Titans' pass protection has been a strong suit, but this is a challenge beyond anything they’ve seen before. I expect Jake Locker will be getting rid of the ball very quickly.

Indianapolis Colts

Andrew Luck’s steadiness is one of his best attributes, writes Phil Richards of the Indianapolis Star. “He just comes to work and punches in and works and has been so steady ...,” Colts quarterbacks coach Clyde Christensen said. “Usually with a rookie, you kind of expect some ups and downs and some confusion or frustration or some of those things. But he’s just been steady.”

To which I say: Steadiness isn’t usually a quality that gets people excited. In this instance it should. It’s something a lot of teams wait for a long time to see in their quarterbacks.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Fred Taylor gets inducted into what amounts to the Jaguars Hall of Fame today. He told Gene Frenette of the Florida Times-Union: “When I was a kid going to Miami Dolphins games, I didn’t have a clue what those names meant around the stadium. I didn’t know it was an elite fraternity or club to be a part of. It’s a big deal. I’m just overly blessed.”

To which I say: I haven’t met anyone who’s met Taylor who doesn’t like him. And the former running back is one of the most underrated guys of his era.

Tennessee Titans

“Three games in, the defense has already recorded 244 snaps, a whopping 62 more than the Texans, who play the Titans at Reliant Stadium on Sunday,” writes John Glennon of The Tennessean. “Tennessee’s defense has been on the field for 115:16 -- about 45 minutes longer than Houston’s defense (70:19).”

To which I say: Getting off the field is a prime goal for the Titans and any defense, and they’re failing at it regularly. They need to emphasize third-down stops more, and, as odd as it may sound, not worry so much about giving up big plays.