What I think the Jaguars should be thinking

What I think they’re thinking (or should be) at the headquarters of the Jacksonville Jaguars this afternoon…

Look, we like Mike Mularkey and this staff and what it is selling and teaching. But it has to produce results, and we’re simply not making the progress we should be making at this stage. We played a Cincinnati team with a bad pass defense and depth issues at corner, and couldn’t do anything significant against them as we dropped to 1-3. We got healthy on the offensive line and went out and gave up six sacks. The injury-prone deep threat we spent a bundle on to get to town, Laurent Robinson, suffered a concussion for the second week in a row. We barely touched Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton. Why are we supposed to be optimistic right now? Who are we and what do we do? We have all the same problems we had under Jack Del Rio last year, except Mularkey’s more of a straight shooter and has more of a plan. Still, it’s increasingly clear we aren’t going to make a big jump with the personnel we’ve got. And there’s no influx of more talent arriving any time soon. So this really stinks.