Cushing: Guards will struggle with Watt

Everyone is chiming in on J.J. Watt.

Monday Brian Cushing took a turn on KBME in Houston with Charlie Pallilo.

With Titans guard Leroy Harris saying after the Texans crushed the Titans that Watt was nothing special, Cushing said plenty of other guards will have trouble with Watt just like Harris did.

“When you think about pass-rushers on teams you think of outside linebackers and defensive ends but I think it’s just the mismatch and the kind of tackle he is going against guards, it’s just so night and day. He’s so fluid with his movements, he’s strong, he’s physical, he’s fast and I don’t know any guard that one-on-one can really take him in the NFL.”

Cushing also talked about being 4-0, Chris Johnson’s big rushing yardage Sunday and Monday night’s matchup with the Jets.

You can find the interview though Sports Radio Interviews right here.