Britt absence puts stress on other WRs

Kenny Britt's injured ankle isn’t only affecting Britt. It’s not only affecting Matt Hasselbeck. It’s affecting the rest of the Titans’ receivers.

With Britt uninvolved in the team portion of practice, the teams other top three receivers -- rookie Kendall Wright, Damian Williams and Nate Washington -- are overextended during the preparation week.

“It puts a lot of stress on guys like Kendall and Damian who have to practice at positions they’re not going to play in the game,” Hasselbeck said.

Or, if they wind up playing those positions in the game because Britt’s not there, they’ve not worked quite as much at their primary spots.

Britt is the Titans big split end and they don’t have anyone else in that mold. Wright had the dropsies last week, and he needs to be focused on his work in the slot, not on filling in for Britt. Washington and Williams would also benefit from being able to focus exclusively on their roles.

But it’s part of the job and it’s part of the deal and there is no getting around it. Their roles change if Britt is not practicing and their roles change on a Sunday when Britt is injured and inactive.

The Titans are on the field for practice right now and news of Britt’s participation level won’t come out until the wrap up around 4:15 p.m. ET.

“There’s no doubt he’s going to have to improve the next couple of days so he can help us on Sunday,” coach Mike Munchak said Wednesday. “At least he’s heading in the right direction.”