A look at pressure, Cutler and Gabbert

The Jaguars have struggled to find sacks this season, and things were no different Sunday against the Bears.

Even so, defensive coordinator Mel Tucker wasn’t inclined to send extra rushers at Jay Cutler, and with good cause. It didn’t work well when the Jaguars did it.

Per ESPN Stats & Information, the Jaguars sent four or fewer rushers on 29 of Cutler’s 39 pass attempts, and Cutler generally kept his throws short -- 23 of those 29 throws went fewer than 10 yards downfield.

When Jacksonville sent extra pass-rushers after Cutler, he threw seven of his 10 attempts at least 10 yards downfield and connected for both of his passing touchdowns.

The comparison:

  • Against four or fewer rushers: 7.1-yard average throw distance, 6.6 yards per attempt, no plays of 20 yards or more, no touchdowns, one interception.

  • Against five or more rushers: 14.7-yard average throw distance, 10.2 yards per attempt, three plays of 20 yards or more, two touchdowns, no interceptions.

On the other side of the ledger, Blaine Gabbert played far worse against populated coverage after halftime.

He saw extra pressure on just eight snaps in the game.

When he saw four or fewer pass-rushers, here is how he fared:

  • First half -- 8-of-14, 8.1 yards per attempt, no TDs, no interceptions, five first downs.

  • Second half -- 5-of-12, 1.4 yards per attempt, no TDs, two interceptions (both returned for TDs), no first downs.

He was hardly the only member of the Jaguars who let down after intermission, but he’s got to do better than that.