What I think the Jaguars should be thinking

What I think they’re thinking (or should be) at the headquarters of the Jacksonville Jaguars this afternoon…

What’s the end game here? Sure, Mike Mularkey is in his first year. But there isn’t enough progress and the general manager who hired him, Gene Smith, isn’t new, he’s in his fourth year on the job. Of our 53 guys, 36 of them are here by Smith’s hand, half of those via the draft -- which is the way he said he intended to build. Owner Shad Khan came into this too quietly, and might have taken too much advice from Wayne Weaver, the guy he bought from. It’s hard to envision things getting a lot better, and if they don’t, what’s going to happen here? Will Khan have any choice but a complete blowup? Smith’s tenure could be coming to an end. And we just hired a coach who had to sign onto the quarterback. Would Khan want to ink a GM who has to sign onto the coach? At some point, it’s all got to align, and if we tank like we have been, it’ll be hard to say it’s not time.