On the idea of Bill Polian in Jacksonville

It’s hard to imagine the Jaguars' season isn’t building up to a shakeup.

Shad Khan signed off on a new contract for general manager Gene Smith as he took over ownership from Wayne Weaver late last season. Smith spearheaded the search for a new coach and the hiring of Mike Mularkey.

But half of a makeover is on course to prove insufficient.

And while Khan has shown he can be patient, he has to be getting antsy now seeing the payoff of his initial approach.

Pete Prisco of CBSSports.com throws out the first name who could be the headliner in a major makeover: Bill Polian.

It’s a hell of an idea. Polian’s résumé is super, though his roster building failed him at the end of his tenure in Indianapolis.

Ideally you find a young up-and-comer who’s your guy. But if a Hall of Famer to be with a proven record is out there, the trade-off is a reduction of risk. Polian can be difficult to deal with, but would bring instant credibility.

The issue, I suspect, would be the level of control.

  • Khan could give Polian complete power in roster decisions.

  • Khan could predetermine the role of his Polian's son -- Chris was GM at the end of their term with the Colts -- and of his own son, Tony, who is part of the Jaguars' front office now.

  • Khan could insist that Polian be the more affable, likeable version of himself, and less of the crusty, dismissive personality that would be hard to sell to the fan base.

If he could get Polian to line up with that stuff, I’d sure be curious to see what he could do with that roster in three years.