Against Texans, Flacco miles from Rodgers

Last week, the Green Bay Packers' Aaron Rodgers shredded the Houston Texans for 14.1 yards a completion and 8.4 yards per pass play.

This week, Joe Flacco found none of the same success against the Texans throwing down field and the corresponding numbers were 7 and 2.6.

Per ESPN Stats and Info, Flacco finished 5-of-18 on throws deeper than five yards downfield, including 0-7 on throws at least 10 yards downfield.

In his first six games, on throws over five yards downfield, he’d found 11 plays of 30 yards or more and six touchdowns against four interceptions.

Against the Texans he didn’t find a 30-yard play at all -- in fact his long completion was 15 yards – and he threw two interceptions with one touchdown.

Meanwhile the Ravens failed miserably when they sent extra pass pressure at Matt Schaub.

Versus five or more pass rushers, Schaub was eight-for-eight for 85 yards and a touchdown. Coming into the game he’d been completing only 52.5 percent of his passes against rushes of five players or more, 27th in the NFL.