Further review: Wilford's catch on Griffin

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky

The situation: The Jaguars lead the Titans 10-3 with 8:29 on the clock in the second quarter and face a second-and-2 from the Tennessee 38-yard line.

The Jaguars line up with Maurice Jones-Drew alone behind David Garrard who’s under center and has two tight ends on the field. Marcedes Lewis is to the right of right tackle Maurice Williams and Ernest Wilford is in the slot to the left. Receiver Mike Sims-Walker is wide right and Torry Holt is left.

The Titans are in their base defense with rookie corner Jason McCourty across from Holt, Nick Harper on Sims-Walker and Michael Griffin with Wilford, the former receiver. Chris Hope is one deep safety, as least 12 yards off the line of scrimmage, out of the wide screen TV picture at the snap.

Here’s what I saw unfold after the snap:

Garrard takes a three-step drop, looks to his right and makes a shoulder fake as if he’s throwing to Sims-Walker, who’s taken off up the right side.

Left linebacker David Thornton steps to the line between left end Jevon Kearse and left tackle Jovan Haye and comes on a bit of a delayed blitz, but Jones-Drew steps up to meet him. His initial foray stopped, Thornton sees the crowd of people between him and Garrard and bounces back toward the line of scrimmage, beginning to pursue Garrard on a clearer route. But to much time's gone by and the ball is gone by the time he really starts his move.

Williams blocks down on Haye leaving Lewis to single block Jevon Kearse, who gets good push.

Center Brad Meester and right guard Uche Nwaneri double right tackle Tony Brown who starts to his left before pushing the pocket.

Left tackle Tra Thomas rides right end Kyle Vanden Bosch in a loop around Garrard, but Vanden Bosch winds up making a late move back to the quarterback.

Holt moves at an angle off the line, cutting in front of Wilford and taking McCourty with him.

Garrard senses Meester being pushed into him, with Lewis also being pushed back and Vanden Bosch recovering to close some as well and the quarterback shifts up and to his left while throwing for Wilford on the left.

Griffin is about three yards off Wilford at the snap, gets one hand on him briefly and is facing the middle as the routes begin to unfold. Griffin might actually bump or brush Holt as he turns to go with Wilford who separates. Wilford collects the ball placed nicely over his left shoulder at about the 17-yard line with Griffin a few yards ahead of him and towards the middle of the field.

Result: A 29-yard gain that sets up a first-and-goal at the 9-yard line.

Ultimate outcome: Garrard hits Sims-Walker over the middle on the next play for a touchdown and the Jaguars never lead by less than 13 on their way to a 37-17 rout.