What I think the Colts are thinking

What I think they’re thinking at the headquarters of the Indianapolis Colts this afternoon…

Hey, it was a great day for us in Nashville and we spent our 24 hours reveling in it. Word is Chuck Pagano was in the building to visit with the coaching staff, and that’s even better news. But we’ve got to close the book. That may have amounted to a playoff elimination game on Sunday, and the next one could, too. No one would have figured on us at 4-3, and there probably weren’t a lot of people picking the Dolphins to be 4-3 at this stage either. So we’ve had an Andrew Luck-Brandon Weeden showdown. Now we’re in line for another rookie quarterback battle, pitting Luck and Ryan Tannehill, provided Tannehill is ready to play. He suffered a knee and quad injury against the Jets. A win over Miami could mean a great deal down the road, considering we’re even with the Dolphins and Steelers in the wild card hunt right now.