Texans look to build Foster's streak

Good teams play well at home.

In their existence, the Houston Texans have been dead-even at Reliant Stadium, 42-42.

Last season, when they broke through to the playoffs, they were 5-3 at home. This season, when they current rate as the best team in the AFC, they’re 3-1. In 2009 and 2010, when they were struggling to get good, they were 4-4.

One thing that has helped their home record since the start of 2011 is the production of one of their best players.

One thing the Buffalo Bills, a team with a bad run defense, can expect Sunday at Reliant Stadium: A touchdown from Arian Foster. He leads the NFL with nine rushing touchdowns this season, and seven of them have come in the Texans’ four home games.

Dating back to last season, Foster actually owns a streak of eight consecutive home games with a touchdown. It’s the fourth-longest streak in the past 10 seasons, and he’s closing in on the best marks of that period. (See chart.)

After he scores, Foster bows, hands together, to the crowd. My understanding of Namaste is it says, the soul in one acknowledges the soul in you.

The Texans hope to see the celebration Sunday.